Daith Piercing for Migraines

An Honest Review of the “Migraine Piercing”

Are you suffering from frequent migraines?  This may be an alternative route to medications for you. 

A few months after the birth of my son in 2014, I began to have daily headaches and chronic migraines.  After two ER visits and multiple fainting spells, I was diagnosed with hormonal migraines.  I was put on medication that took care of them after a few months. 

Then, in the summer of 2017, after suffering a miscarriage, the migraines came back with a vengeance.   Rather than going back on medication, I decided to give the daith (pronounced doth) piercing a try. 

It has now been five months and here is my honest review on the piercing.  I’ve written in a Q & A format to help you navigate it easier.  I hope this will help provide some insightful information if you’re thinking about getting it done.


What is a daith piercing?

Daith piercings are a type of cartilage piercing.  The piercing is placed at the innermost part of the helix, a bit further in from where your ear connects to you head.

The reason daith piercings are said to work for migraine treatment is because there is a known acupuncture point in that daith piercing location that is used to relieve migraines.  Experts say to get the daith piercing on the side of which you are experiencing the migraine pain.


What is the cost of a daith piercing?

Obviously, this depends on where you get it done.  For me, the piercing itself only cost $35.  However, the cost of the jewelry is where this piercing can get pricey.  The better piece of jewelry, the more expensive it will be.  I paid $250 total, but I know I have a great quality of jewelry in my ear and it does have a lifetime warranty. 

They will pierce the daith with a hoop earring that has a decently large diameter.  This will allow your ear to swell during the healing process.


Does the daith piercing hurt?

Do yourself a favor and do not watch videos of people getting this piercing done.  I have a very low pain tolerance and was very anxious.  I researched and watched videos and scared myself. 

This did not hurt at all!  I psyched myself out for nothing!  It was a pinch and then some pressure and it was over.  About a half hour after the piercing, I did experience a heat sensation to the area, but it was minimal and only lasted about two hours. 

Now, this all depends on the needle that is used to pierce the ear.  The needle should be curved, not straight.  A lot of videos of people that felt pain had theirs done with a straight needle.  I suggest asking what needled is used when you make a piercing appointment.

Also, my piercer was fantastic.  He instructed me to talk a deep breath, then when I exhaled, he pierced my ear.  I think this helped extremely.


What is the upkeep and healing process like?

You need to purchase a saline solution spray, it can be found at a number of stores.  Spray your ear at least three times daily.  They advise against using a Q-tip because the cotton can get trapped.  When you shower, let the hot water cleanse it for a few seconds as well.  Try not to sleep on that side. 

So here’s the gross part…

With many cartilage piercings, bumps can occur. I got a bump a few weeks after getting the piercing.  When I went in for my month check-up, they said the bump was nothing to worry about because it didn’t hurt, nor was it producing any pus.  Most likely it was caused by sleeping on that side and touching the piercing too much.  However, if the bump causes you pain or produces pus, you probably have an infection.  Continue to thoroughly clean it.  My bump cleared up after a few weeks.


Does it cure migraines???

For me, YES!

I walked into the piercing studio with an intense migraine.  As soon as the needle pierced my ear, I felt an immediate relief of pressure in my head.  I know my adrenaline was rushing, but the migraines have stayed away!  I truly am amazed.

The thing to understand is that everyone’s anatomy is different, and piercers aren’t necessarily trained in medical anatomy.  For those who have said the daith piercing didn’t work for them, they could have been pierced in the incorrect location that alleviates migraine pain.  

So, did the daith piercing actually work for me, or have I experienced a placebo effect?  I honestly can’t say for sure.  Ultimately, my migraines are cured and are no longer affecting my daily life. That’s enough for me.  I have never regretted getting the piercing and would do it again in a heartbeat.


Should you get the daith piercing for migraine relief?

I believe you should if:

  • You know of a reputable piercing studio
  • You have the money to spend on a reputable studio and piercing
  • You have the means to properly care for the piercing during the healing process
  • You like how the daith piercing looks and are comfortable keeping the piercing long term

If you’re suffering from migraines, are seeking an alternative route to medication, and meet the criteria above, I think you should definitely have the daith piercing done.  Best case scenario, you have relief from chronic migraines.  Worst case, you end up with a cute piercing.  


If you are in the Akron, Ohio area, I highly recommend Good Life Body Piercing and Fine Jewelry.  The staff is incredibly knowledgeable, they have a huge selection of jewelry, and the studio is so clean!  It was a five-star experience all-around.  

I hope I have helped make your decision on the daith piercing easier!  Please feel free to comment with any questions or experiences you have!


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