DIY Stain Remover

Raise your hand if nothing seems to stay clean in your house because you have kids…

Three and a half years ago my in-laws purchased us a beautiful, cushiony, cream rocker for the birth of our son.  Since we no longer need a rocking chair in his room, we have moved it to the living room.  Being in a high traffic area of the house, it gets a lot of love from the kids.

With all the love comes all the stains.  Nasty, dirty grime.

I have tried numerous stain removing products to take care of the problem.  Much to my dismay, I made no progress.  That was until my mother-in-law suggested a DIY solution.

And it worked.

Sometimes the best solution is to make it yourself.  Try this out and say goodbye to stains.


  • 1 part Dawn Dish Washing Soap
  • 2 parts Hydrogen Peroxide

Items Needed:

  • Spray bottle
  • Scrubbing brush

Look at these stunning BEFORE pictures…

Spray solution on the stain and scrub away. 

Now, check out these impressive AFTER pictures…


I thought my chair was a lost cause.  I’m so happy that it looks brand new!

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