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Kids NYE Party Activities

Welcome 2018 with a Kid-Friendly Bang!

Raise your hand if you want to ring in the New Year but never have anywhere to go because…kids. We often get invited to NYE parties, but it’s difficult to accept because most aren’t kid-friendly.  This year I have decided to take matters into my own hands and throw a party where kids are welcome!  Here are the activities I have come up with that will keep those kiddos entertained and ensure a NYE party to remember.

1) Balloon Countdown.  Kids are impatient, it’s inevitable. Prevent “How much longer?” questions by designating a balloon for each hour and popping it as each hour passes.


2) A Wishing Wall. Hang some poster board and hand out post-its or star cut-outs for the kids to write their wishes for the new year on.


3) Coloring Party Hats.  Each child can pick the coloring hat of their choice and make a hat unique to them.  Click here for downloadable hats.


4) NYE Coloring Pages.  Click here for downloadable coloring pages.

5) New Year Kisses.  Place a few Hershey chocolate kisses in bags to distribute or simply place them all in a bowl with a cute tag. 


6) Ring in the New Year.  Give each kid a ring pop sucker with a cute tag that reads “Ring in the New Year.”

These fun activities are a unique way to set your party about and make it memorable.  It’s good to also include, glow sticks, photo props, and noise makers to liven things up.

I hope this year has treated you well and that you receive even more blessings in the New Year!



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