Modern Warrior

An autobiographical music drama of a solider’s journey transitioning back into civilian life. 

Co-created by Staff Sergeant Jaymes Poling and artist Dominick Farinacci.


With a mix of war and jazz, this dynamic production has it all.  

Jaymes Poling enlisted in the US Army in 2005 at the ripe age of 17.  He was assigned to the 82nd Airborne Division as an infantryman and served 36 months fighting in Afghanistan during his eight years.  Since returning home, Jaymes works with struggling veterans and currently manages Veteran Affairs at John Carroll University. 


Staff Sergeant Poling on tour in Afghanistan

Dominick Farinacci is a trumpeter with an extensive list of musical credits.  Being a prominent advocate in music education development, Dominick has launched a music education program at the Tommy LiPuma Center for Creative Arts in Cleveland, Ohio.


Trumpeter Dominick Farinacci


Yesterday, I was granted the pleasure of sitting down with Jaymes Poling to hear in his own words the background for Modern Warrior.  

Upon Jaymes’s return to the states, life was not as it was once.  He had to learn to fit into society again; how to become a civilian once more.  In the army, they educate you on how to be a solider, but there are limited resources on coming home.  You spend your time in another country with a gun, defending yourself and your brother beside you.  How do you bring that home?  How do you step back into who you once were?

Transitioning into student life, Jaymes was assigned a three page memoir for class.  He ended up constructing an honest and profound six page narrative.  His professor was remarkably moved by his piece, that she requested to show some colleagues.  This prompted Jaymes speaking at the Veteran’s Day Assembly at Tri-C.  In turn, Dominick Farinacci reached out to Jaymes and together they created Modern Warrior. 

The Modern Warrior initiative aims to build bridges between veteran and civilian communities through live performances, collaborative workshops, sharing veteran stories and informative panel discussions. Modern Warrior works to help destigmatize our veterans’ experiences through deeper understanding from the community and by providing inspirational hope for all. Modern Warrior’s Mission Statement

Made up of Jaymes’s personal veteran experience, and original jazz music (with some unoriginal pieces), Modern Warrior Live is beneficial for many.  Whether you are a solider yourself, or simply a loved one, this production will speak to you.  Most of us know someone struggling with PTSD and the incapability to cope.  Modern Warrior Live delivers real-life truths.  This is a non-profit organization, providing resources for both veterans and their families.  


Modern Warrior Live debuts in Cleveland, Ohio on  Wednesday, November 8th, 2017.  With a second showing on November 9th.  They then will begin their American tour.  There will be resourceful booths featured at the Cleveland shows. 

I cannot wait to experience this groundbreaking production, and I’m sure others who have purchased tickets feel the same.  Don’t miss out on this one-of-a-kind creation.  I hope to see you there.  I’ll be equipped with enough tissues to spare. 


Modern Warrior_Poster_Cleveland

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Dominick Farinacci & Jaymes Poling

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