Mom’s Survival Guide to Winter Break – 16 activities to save your sanity

Today I am singing abundant praises to the Winter Gods for this glorious snow day in Ohio!  Haha, did you believe that?  Not even for a second? I promise I love my children!  Fortunately, today’s snow day has inspired me to come up with some fantastic ideas on how to survive the Winter Break coming in a week.  


1) Turn your home into a Winter Wonderland.  Let the kids make paper snowflakes and hot glue string to cotton balls for a snowball effect.  Decorate your house!

2) Create vision boards.  Poster board, magazines, and glue sticks.  The kids will have fun cutting out their favorite pictures and inspirations to hang in their rooms.

3) Scavenger Hunt.  This can be indoor or outdoor, depending on your weather.  Indoor – create a color scavenger hunt and have the kids find “X” number of things that are that color.  Outdoor – can be played the same way, or, keep it in the car and have them find things on the list out the window. 

4) Movie Marathon.  This is the one where you can get some chores done, or not.  Pick a movie series age appropriate for you children; Jurassic Park, Harry Potter, Narnia, Star Wars, Ice Age, Toy Story, Twilight, Shrek, Pirates of the Caribbean, etc. You can take it further and create a whole theme day around the series.

5)  Create a laser maze.  Tape crepe paper or string in zigzags from wall to wall in a hallway or room.  The kids will spend hours maneuvering through the obstacle.

6) Do a puzzle.  Select a higher count puzzle and have them be responsible for a certain portion of the puzzle.  They’ll stay busy searching through the pieces.

7) Create a calendar for the new year.  The kids can create pictures for each month while you print off a calendar grid.

8) Make and deliver crafts to a nursing home.  Have your kids make some crafts and contact a local nursing home to see if they will allow you to hand deliver the crafts to the residents.  The residents will love interacting with the kids!

9) Create a family tree.  This is a fun way to explore and teach your children your heritage. 

10) Create a new recipe. Let your kids have free reign, or control it a bit, and come up with something new!

11) Make a bucket list for the new year.  Have your kids compile a list of activities they would like to do and goals they would like to accomplish in the upcoming year. 

12) Design a cardboard box.  Put those Amazon boxes to good use.  Have your kids go crazy and color on, design, and build the boxes.

13) Random crafts.  Save toilet paper rolls, buttons, wine corks, etc. and let your kids use their imagination to create unique crafts.

14) Write and illustrate a story.  Help your kids write and illustrate their  very own story. 

15) Learn a new skill.  Magic tricks for example.

16) Bake or make treats and deliver them to neighbors and friends. Spread the holiday cheer. 


And there you have it!  I hope these ideas heighten your mental health and enjoy your children!  Share this to save the sanity of other parents!  Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


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