My Favorite Bloggers

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These 4 bloggers are who inspired me to go for it.  I have followed them each for a while now and reading their posts are the highlights of my day.  You will love each and everyone of them.

First up, the queen of cooking, Bev Weidner

Bev has the most exquisite taste.  Every meal of hers that I have tried has been positively delicious.  She is also super extroverted and a down right riot.  Bev makes cooking fun.  She is a mom of twins!

Second, we have the queen of braids, Abby Smith

Abby gives me serious hair envy.  Girl, teach me your secrets!  Follow her blog and you will learn them.  Abby bears a friendly nature and makes me feel like I can rock out these hairstyles.  She is a mother of 4, the two youngest being twins!

Third, the fabulous Kate Bryan

Kate is my fashion, make-up, and hair go-to girl.  I love her delicate style.  She is a momma to two boys!

Fourth and Final, is my soul sister, Christina Boyce

Christina is the most down-to-earth blogger I’ve followed.  She raises 4 kids and documents her life.  She is bold and bodacious and I love her so.  Christina makes motherhood real and raw.

And there you have it.  These women are inspiring and empowering.  Check them out and find your new favorite blogger.



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