Welcome and thanks for joining me!

I’m Sam, your friendly neighborhood mommy blogger.

Now, before you roll your eyes and lose interest at yet another mommy blog, hear me out!  As moms, we sometimes lose our identity and strive to keep our sanity.  By tapping into my creative side, I have unlocked my secret to stability.

We clean daily just to have our kids wreck it.  We cook meals that they refuse to eat (we are, after all, plotting their demise by insisting they eat real food).   We work our butts off and yet most days we feel like nothing was accomplished.

So I create.  A blank canvas feeds my adrenaline.  I have the power to construct something that will be useful and fun.  Whether it be a craft, decor, or recipe, I feel proficient.

Join me as a find my sanity one masterpiece at a time.  Hopefully I can help you find yours too.

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