Shopping for Children at Christmas

Trade Secrets of Holiday Shopping. 

The holidays are upon us; Christmas carols, hallmark movies, baked goods, and shopping.  Every year do you find yourself stressing over what to get your loved ones?  For me, shopping for my husband is the one that does me in.  Fortunately, I came up with a system a few years ago on what and how to purchase Christmas gifts for my children.  In turn, leaving me equipped with more brain cells to decide on what to buy my husband.  

Allow me to share my gift buying secrets with you to help ease shopping stress.


1. Something they want.  This is the gift at the top of their wish list, the one of their deepest desires. 

2. Something to wear.  My go-to is pajamas. Most of our relatives buy an outfit or two for my kids, so they are lacking in new pajamas.  Shoes are also another good choice.

3. Something to read. Being an avid reader, I love purchasing my kids books, and they love receiving them.

4. Something to do.  This one is fun. Whether it’s simply a game for the household, or movie/event tickets, this gift is great for enjoying some family time.

5. Keepsake.  I love buying a tree ornament for my kids every year.  It’s something unique to their personalities that they can take with them to decorate their future trees and remember their childhood.  Pick something exclusive for your child. 

If there is still room in our budget after I purchase from these five categories, usually there is, I will purchase other items off of their wishlist.  I love using this list as a guideline to insure well-rounded and different gifts that I know my children will love.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and happy shopping!

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