The BOY DOLL is here! (My Sibling & My Pal Dolls)

The American Girl Dolls are the popular “it” doll for many girls.  So much, that stores are producing their own brand of dolls similar to the iconic company.  However, they all seem to be missing something; a boy doll.  The American Girl Doll company did release the boy doll Logan this year, however, he offers no diversity.

My 6-year-old daughter has become attached to her dolls.  She has one authentic American Girl Doll and 2 Our Generation dolls.  My three-year-old son loves to play with her and the dolls, but he was longing for a boy doll of his own.  I searched high and low for a great quality boy doll for him.  That’s when I found the My Sibling & My Pal Dolls by LorettaRose LLC.

Graham & his My Pal for Peace Doll

I don’t even know where to begin.  I cannot say enough good things about this enterprise.  From how the business began, to the mission and doll quality, you can not go wrong with this company .

My Sibling® and My Pal® dolls were created by Loretta D. Boronat, a mother, teacher, advocate for people with disabilities, and seamstress. The original idea for 18 inch dolls was brought to reality with the establishment of the My Sibling® brand.

All the while she was building this small enterprise, she was thinking about two things that would eventually lead her to creating her own doll business: first, there was not a boy doll to be found in America; second, how could she teach children about their peers who have disabilities? She decided to teach the lessons she had in mind in booklets that would be included with her dolls. She would tell stories from the perspective of the typically developing brother or sister of the child with the disability, hence the name “My Sibling Dolls.”The stories were intended to teach children about the challenges and rewards of living with a sibling who learns and grows differently than others. As a mother of a child with autism, and a teacher of the handicapped, Mrs. Boronat was able to base these stories on the real life experiences of her own family and the families of her students. (derived from the my sibling and my pal dolls website)

These are just a few examples of the themed dolls

This company offers 9 diverse hair, skin, and eye color combinations.  However, the company believes that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Their mission is to teach children to care for and learn from others who are different then themselves.  Is this not the most heartwarming mission statement you’ve ever heard?!

What makes the company even more ideal?  The dolls are groomed, outfitted, and packaged by adults with disabilities who work at a local sheltered workshop that shares and supports their mission. Thus, offering a new employment option for disabled adults.

On to the quality of the doll…

As previously mentioned, my daughter owns an American Girl Doll and two Our Generation dolls. When I received the My Pal Doll, I was remarkably impressed with the quality.  This doll is on the same level as the American Girl Doll for a significantly lower price!  In turn, the My Pal Doll exceeds the Our Generation doll in rank.

In other news, the My Pal for Christmas Doll was awarded one of the top holiday toys by the Toy Insider in 2017.  in addition to dolls, the company offers numerous doll clothing and accessories.  With the holidays right around the corner, this is definitely something to get your hands on.  Your child, boy or girl, will be thrilled to receive the My Sibling or My Pal Doll and make it part of the family.


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